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ility risks wi■th Huawei? Yes, ◆there are, but t●hat is true of■ every company."■Genna said it was i○mportant fo●r Italy to b●e open to Hu■awei."It

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aly has a u●nique position a○mong major west●ern countries when ●it comes t●o China," Genna sai◆d, referring to● Italy becoming o■ne of the latest ○European countr○

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ies to sign on■ to China's ○Belt and Road Initia■tive. Pleas■e scan the QR 〓Code to fol〓low us on I■nstagramPl〓ease scan the ○QR Code to follo◆w us on We〓chat

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Huawei f○iles lawsuit a■gainst U.S◆. governmen■t over equi◆pment banHuawei fil◆es lawsuit agai○nst U.S. govern◆ment over equi■pment banHuawei fi■les lawsuit agai■n

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st U.S. go〓vernment over equip◆ment ban03-0●7-2019 15:26 BJT●Chinese tech gian■t Huawei on Thursd◆ay said it i●s suing the ◆United States ●over a law i■ntroduced la

a○tents for 5G〓 technology

st yea◆r that bans■ government ●agencies from b■uying its equipmen●t.Huawei i●n a statement s〓aid it has file〓d a complaint in● a U.S. district c●ourt in Texas, chal●lenging the U.S●. National Defense〓 Authorization Act■ (NDAA), whi■ch mentioned■ Huawei and ZTE〓 by name.The ○firm argues the ■restriction■s targeting〓 it are "unconstitut◆ional".The U.S. C○ongress has ○repeatedly failed t◆o produce any e○vidence to support i●ts restrictio■ns on Huaw

e○i products, G●uo Ping, H〓uawei Rotating● Chairman sai●d at a press con〓ference in sout●hern Chinese city ●Shenzhen, where Hu〓awei's head●quarters are■ based. &ldq〓uo;We are compell●ed to take ■this legal◆ action as a prope■r and last re◆sort."The lawsuit● was filed i●n a U.S.

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Distri◆ct Court in Pl■ano, Texas."○Section 889 of● the 2019 ND◆AA not only ba■rs all U.S. Gover○nment agencies fr〓om buyin

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g H◆uawei equipmen◆t and services,● but also ba●rs them fro○m contracti■ng with or ◆awarding grant◆s or loans t◆o third p

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arties wh〓o buy Huawei〓 equipment or servi◆ces, withou〓t any executiv●e or judicial p〓rocess," Huaw●ei said in the s●tatem

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